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rand mcnally road atlas

Rand McNally Road Atlas is the most trusted and best selling atlas in the U.S. market. Map of every U.S. state and Canadian province are included in this atlas. Rand McNally provides the most accurate and detailed maps as well as travel information. It contains inset maps of over 350 cities.

rand mcnally road atlas

Along with this, it also includes information about 20 national parks. The Maps of Rand McNally Road Atlas are beautiful, colourful and user-friendly. Their maps highlight the important information by shading them in different colours. Hence, they become easy to read maps. 

Rand Mcnally Road Atlas features:

  • Fully updated maps
  • Various mileage charts
  • Road construction and tourism information
  • City detailed maps
  • Essential visitors information
  • Travel tips
  • Tourism Contacts
  • Town Indexes

Rand McNally Road Atlas 2020 also features their editor’s favourite national park. This highlights the astonishing beauty of the U.S. The mileage chart of Road Atlas shows the distance between 90 North American cities and National Parks. Rand McNally’s develop their products keeping in mind their users need and requirements. Hence, on each page of their Road Atlas, you will get phone numbers and websites of Tourism service providers. 

These Road Atlas are designed in a paperback format i.e. it uses stiff paper and bound the pages in a spiral. This makes reading this book much easier.  Not just one, but Rand Mcnally Road Atlas comes in various versions. It offers lots of features and hence, it has become a best selling book. 

Rand-McNally Road Atlas Purchase

In order to provide yourself with unexpected experience of moving across the U.S. and Canadian province. You can buy RandMcNally Road Atlas. This will guide you all the way, in the most appealing and engaging manner. To purchase Road Atlas, follow the below-given procedure. 

  1. Firstly, open a web browser.
  2. Now, head to the official website of Rand McNally.
  3. From the homepage, locate and click the “Shop” option. You will get this option on the top right corner.
  4. Subsequently, the Rand McNally Store will appear.
  5. After that, from the left panel, click “Maps & Atlas” option.
  6. Then, from the further list, select “Rand McNally Road Atlas”.
  7. Look at the available list of various versions of the Road Atlas. Subsequently, select the appropriate one. 
  8. Next, move your cursor to the selected Road Atlas version. 
  9. From the available two options, select “Add to Cart”.
  10. Now, click Bag shaped icon from the top right corner. 
  11. Then, click “View Cart”.
  12. After that, click “Checkout” from your cart.
  13. Now, login to your  Rand McNally account. 
  14. Enter your Billing and Account details.
  15. Afterwards, select the shipping method.
  16. Then, review your cart.
  17. Lastly, enter the Payment details and place your order successfully.

This is how you can make the purchase for your Road Atlas. Subsequently, you will get all the details of your placed order in your Rand McNally account. Hence, you can keep an eye and track your order. 

The RandMcNally Road Atlas App

Now, the most trusted Road Atlas is also available as an App for your iPhones, iPad and Android devices. This will allow you to get all the features of the Road Atlas on your device. You can also view them offline too. It provides a seamless view with zoom in and zoom out function. Hence, to enhance your experience, you can use the App. 

This is all about RandMcNally Road Atlas. You must buy this Atlas for roaming around the U.S. and Canadia province. This Atlas, an iconic creation by Rand McNally, will provide your road-weary eyes with a break and will enhance your experience. 

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