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How to do Rand McNally Update using Rand McNally Dock?

Rand McNally Update – Just Download Rand McNally Dock from www.randmcnally.com/dock and Update Your Device using the Software. Update Today.

Rand McNally Update

Rand McNally is a global enterprise pioneering in innovative, sophisticated and promising GPS technology. It facilitates access to this advanced technology by means of its extensive range of versatile product range. It is an outstanding brand dealing in consumer electronics, commercial transportation, and education. It’s intuitive, user-friendly products ensure a smooth and hassle-free traveling experience. However, GPS devices depend on Maps for accuracy. Moreover, Maps need regular updates for providing reliable and flawless guidance. In fact, Rand McNally Update For Maps is essential for the effective and infallible performance of your device.

How To Receive Rand McNally Update For Maps?

Rand McNally Update For Maps is readily available for users of all the Rand McNally products. It is an extremely simple and convenient process that can be undertaken even by any non-technical user.
Rand McNally Update
Rand McNally Update
However, you must consider certain pre-requisites that ensure updates are smoothly installed for optimum performance.
  1. Rand McNally Update For Maps are usually huge in size and may consist of must files. As such, you must ensure that you have a strong, high-speed internet connection. It should be preferably a broadband connection with a LAN cable. Alternatively, you can also use a strong home Wifi connection. However, under any circumstances, you should not use a mobile hotspot or public Wifi. Moreover, you must also ensure that the connection stays uninterrupted for the entire length of the process.
  2. Rand McNally Update For Maps is available only through the Rand McNally Dock. It is free of cost support application that can be easily installed on any Windows or Mac computer.
  3. Additionally, first-time users must register their device at Dock in order to receive the map updates. This is a simple process that requires some basic information. It hardly takes a few minutes.

Get Rand McNally Dock

Rand McNally Dock
Rand McNally Dock
Rand McNally Dock is a user-friendly desktop application designed to assist users in maintaining their GPS gadgets and Maps for flawless performance. It is available free of cost on the company’s official website. You can easily install it on your system without the hassle of complicated set-up procedures:-
  1. First and foremost, connect your device to the computer using the USB cable supplied with it.
  2. Then, download the software directly from the official website (www.randmcnally.com/dock) by clicking on the link specified for your OS i.e. either Windows or Mac.
  3. Now, open the downloaded setup file and Run the application.
  4. Thereafter, click on  I Agree for the Software License Agreement and follow on-screen prompts.
  5. Finally, Install the application and Finish the process to exit.

Register Your Device

Once you have the Rand McNally Dock, you must register your GPS device at the Dock in order to receive the Map updates. This is a one-time process that you must undertake before installing updates for the first time. It is a quick, convenient and easy process that doesn’t burden you with lengthy, time-consuming processes or irrelevant details.
  1. First and foremost, you should turn on your GPS device. This will take you to the Main Menu Screen of the device. Additionally, you should also turn on your computer.
  2. Next, you should connect the gadget with your computer by means of a USB cable. Your device comes with a cable in the package.
  3. Consequently, the screen of your GPS device will display its status as “Connected”. However, in case if it doesn’t display this status. Then, you should try to locate and rectify the issue.

Rectify Connection Issue

  • Firstly, check the connection between the device and the computer. The USB cable must be properly plugged into both. You should also try to disconnect and reconnect the device for establishing the link.
  • However, in case if the problem persists. Then, press the “Rest” button of your device while ensuring the device is still connected to the computer. You can find the button on the backside of your device.
  • However, if resetting the device also fails to resolve the concern. Then, disconnect the device from the computer and wait at least for 10 seconds. Thereafter, reconnect the device using another USB port on the computer.
  • In case if that also fails. Then, disconnect the device and restart your computer. Thereafter, once again reconnect the device.
  • Finally, if all the above methods fail to establish a link between the device and your computer. Then, you should try to Reinstall the Device Driver. For this, you should open the Device Manager on your computer. Here, you must note that accessing this control depends on your OS. Once you are on the Device Manager screen, look for Universal Serial Bus Controllers. You will notice an arrow/ triangle to the left of the USB Controller. Hence, click on it to expand the drop-down menu. Now, one of the items on the list will say “Unknown Device” in case if the issue is because of the device driver. Therefore, right-click on “Unknown Device”. Then, select Uninstall. Thereafter, restart your computer while the device is still connected.
  1. As your GPS screen display the “Connected” status. Simultaneously, Rand McNally Dock initializes on your computer screen.
  2. Consequently, the very first window will prompt you to Register your GPS device.
  3. You will notice some empty fields that require you to provide certain basic details including the Serial Number of your device.
  4. Hence, fill in the details accurately.
  5. Finally, click on the Submit icon.
  6. As a result, you will get a pop-up box with a confirmation message for the registration process.
  7. At last, click on OK to return back to the application’s Home window.

Rand McNally GPS Update For Maps

Rand McNally GPS Update
Rand McNally GPS Update
  1. To begin with, turn on your GPS Device. Then, connect it to your computer. Meanwhile, ensure that your computer is also On and connected to the internet.
  2. Next, you will notice that the screen of your GPS device will display the status as “Connected”. 
  3. Simultaneously, the Rand McNally Dock will initialize on your computer screen.
  4. As a result, you will get the Home window of the Dock. Here, you will find a few options for various functions. Now, you should look for the Available Updates icon. In other words, you will have a diagonal arrow sign. It will be green in colour and highlighted in case if the updates are available. However, in case if there are no updates for the map or the device. Then, it will be grey in colour. Therefore, click on the arrow icon if it is green and highlighted.
  5. Consequently, you will get a list of all the available updates for the connected device and its map.
  6. Now, select the map updates from the list of available updates.
  7. The next window will have another green highlighted arrow icon that says “Begin Download”. Hence, click on the icon to initiate the downloads for Rand McNally Update For Maps.
  8. This will take some time as the map updates are usually big in size. Moreover, the download depends on the speed of your internet connection. Hence, wait patiently for the completion of the download.
  9. The Dock will constantly display the progress of the download on your screen.
  10. Once the download completes properly, you will get the confirmation message.
  11. Subsequently, you will get another highlighted arrow that says “Transfer”. This step requires you to transfer the downloaded updates to your device for installation. Another key point to remember is that you can complete this process even without the internet connection. Hence, click on the “Transfer” icon.
  12. Now, wait while the updates transfer to your device.  The Dock will notify once the transfer is done and updates are installed properly on your device.
  13. Thereafter, click on the “Back” button to return back to the Home window and disconnect your device.
In this way, you can easily accomplish Rand McNally Update For Maps at the Dock. In fact, you must regularly update Maps to save you from unnecessary surprises on the go. After all, an up-to-date map guarantees safe and delightful journeys with your GPS devices.